What is a good first motorcycle?

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Go to dealer and roadtest, don't buy anything too extreme but you have to find a bike that you are comfortable on. As far as power, any bike whether 250cc or 1500cc will only go as fast as you twist the throttle. No point asking people whats best as everyone has different opinon, if you like it and you are confident and comfortable then that's the right bike. As for reliability they are all pretty good, the japs tend to put all there bikes through the ringer. Build quality does differ i find, but not to much. I find Honda best, followed by Suzuki, Kawa, Aprilla, Yam, Ducati. But that is just my opinion. I ride a Suzuki. Hope this helps, safe riding.

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Q: What is a good first motorcycle?
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Competitive forces that affect the motorcycle industry include state regulations and the car industry. Insurance company policies also affect whether someone will purchase a motorcycle.

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