What is cradle carry?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Q: What is cradle carry?
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What is the best way to carry a rabbit?

like a baby... cradle it but with more support on the feet!

What was the wheelbarrow used for in the gold rush?

To carry the dirt from one place to another to be washed in a cradle

What is a grain cradle?

it is a cradle for your grain.

When was Out of the Cradle created?

Out of the Cradle was created in 1988.

When was The Cradle created?

The Cradle was created in 2010.

What part of speech is cradle?

Noun - as in "put the baby in the cradle"Verb - as in "cradle the puppy in your arms"

How do you use the word Cradle in a sentence?

I will cradle him in my arms.The cradle was broken.

What is the cradle called when the flyer does a twist?

A twist cradle

Is cradle a noun or verb?

The word 'cradle' is both a noun (cradle, cradles) and a verb (cradle, cradles, cradling, cradled). Examples:Noun: The baby will need a new crib, her cradle is already too small.Verb: His grandma will cradle him in her arms for hours.

A sentence using the word cradle?

using the word cradle

When was From the Cradle created?

From the Cradle was created on 1994-09-13.

When was Cradle of Love created?

Cradle of Love was created in 1990.