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The Maya civilisation is known only through Archaeology. Therefore, comparisons cannot be made.

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Q: What is different from the Mayas and the Romans?
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How are Sumerians Phoenicians and Mayas similar?

They are different peoples from different places with different cultures.

Is it Mayas or Mayans?

Different people put different things, but my history textbook uses Mayans

What was the difference between the Incas and the Mayas?

They are two completely different tribes, even though they were both created in Mexico they had different languages, clothing, food etc. Incas were more the space experts and Mayas the time experts.

How might the Mayas used the obsidian?

They traded obsidian that came from different parts of Mesoamerica.

What was the Mayas located?

What did the Mayas use to make clothing?

What type of clothes did the Mayas wear?

The Mayas wore headdresses

What was the Mayas original location?

What did the Mayas use to make clothing?

What was an achievement of the Mayas?

I strongly believe that an achievement of the Mayas was the city of Tenochtitlan.

What are the difference between the Mayas and the Carib?

what is the similarities between the mayas and the caribs

Who has the fastest communication system Mayas Incas or Aztecs?


What products did the Mayas use for the earlier people?

what did the mayas borrowed from the earlier people

What was the cause of the Mayas disappearance?

Nobody has any idea what caused the Mayas disappearance.