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The significance would have to be along these lines:

1. thousands of people were killed in a Japanese aircraft attack

2. Pearl Harbor was a major military base, which is the reasoning behind the attacks

It forced the US to enter World War II

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Q: What is the significance of pearl harbor?
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What was the significance of Pearl Harbor?

Because of Pearl Harbor the US entered WW2

What is the historical significance of Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor is the reason the US entered WW2

What is the significance of Pearl Harbor to US history?

The bombing of Pearl Harbor made The US join World War II.

What historical significance did Pearl Harbor have on the us?

The Pearl Harbor attack brought the US into WWII, making the war a GLOBAL WAR.

What was the significance of attacking Pearl Harbor?

Japan attacked Pearl Harbor because they wanted to remove the threat of the US naval fleet.

What is the significance of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor?

The significance of Japan bombing Pearl Harbor was that it allowed for the US to get involved in World War II. It also served as the point at which Japan entered the war.

What was the Significant Impact on Pearl Harbor?

If your question is asking what the significance of Pearl Harbor was, then the most important result was the United States becoming involved in WWII.

What was the significance on the Attack on Pearl Harbor?

the significance of the attack on Pearl Harbor was that first off it brought America into the war and secondly it destroyed allmost all of our Pacific Fleet which have to be repaired before we could do anything in the Pacific

What was the significance of the attacks on pearl harbor?

The attacks are what brought the United States into WW2.

What was the significance of the Attack on Pearl Harbor?

The attack on pearl harbor made America declare war on Japan which made WW2 a truly world wide war.

Why was Pearl Harbor so imporant?

Pearl Harbor's significance lies in two reasons. 1: Pearl Harbor was the first attack on American soil since the American Revolution. 2: The attack itself spurred the US into WWII

What is the significance of the Pearl Harbor Day?

Pearl Harbor Day is a remembrance day for the Pearl Harbor bombing on December 7, 1941. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii during World War II, destroying many of the US Military's ships and killing over 1,000 people in the attack.

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