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2004 events January 28 - Hutton Inquiry publishes reports on Iraq dossier. February 29 - Political unrest in Haiti as Jean-Bertrande Aristide flees the country. March 2 - ''Super Tuesday'': John Kerry secures Democratic nomination for US President. March 11 - A series of bomb attacks on Madrid's train network kill more than 190 people. March 14 - Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero is elected Prime Minister of Spain. March 14 - Vladimir Putin is reelected as Russia's President. April 24 - In a referendum, Cyprus votes against reunification. May 1 - Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Cyprus (Greek part) join the EU for the biggest enlargement in the organisation's history. May 14 - Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark marries Mary Donaldson. May 22 - Crown Prince Felipe of Spain marries Letizia Ortiz. May 23 - The roof of a terminal building collapses at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. June 5 - Ronald Raegan dies aged 93. June 6 - 60th anniversary of D-Day landings June 10 - 13 - Elections to European Parliament June 12 - Euro 2004 football championship begins. July 3 - Maria Sharapova triumphs at Wimbledon (women's singles) July 4 - Roger Federer triumphs at Wimbledon (men's singles) July 4 - Greece surprisingly wins Euro 2004. August 1 - Supermarket fire occurs in Asuncion, Paraguay. August 10 - Several British tourists die in a bus crash in Austria. August 13 - 29 - Olympic Games are held in Athens. August 16 - Torrential rain floods the Cornish village of Boscastle. August 18 - Landslide occurs near Lochearnhead, Scotland. August 22 - 'The Scream' is stolen from a museum in Oslo. September 3 - Beslan School massacre occurs in southern Russia. September 11 - Hurricane Ivan hits Jamaica. September 17 - 28 - Paralympic Games are held in Athens. October 5 - A Canadian submarine sinks off Ireland. November 2 - George W. Bush wins reelection as US President. November 11 - Yasser Arafat dies aged 75. November 15 - Colin Powell announces his resignation as US secretary of state. November 21 - Ukrainian Presidential Election ends in dispute, after victory is declared in favour of the pro Russia candidate Viktor Yanukovich. December 15 - Hostage situation develops on a bus in Athens, Greece. December 15 - British Home Secretary David Blunkett resigns after a VISA scandal. December 18 - Storms hit northern France. December 26 - Asian tsunami disaster triggered by a seaquake off Sumatra kills over 300, 000 people. December 26 - Re-run of Ukraine's Presidential Election results in victory for pro-western candidate Viktor Yushchenko.

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Q: What major events happened in 2004?
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