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both used terror, censorship in propaganda, education as a manipulation of the minds.

Hitler:1931 - set up the SD. moreover during the 1930s all the secret police form the Gestapo and SS, became under the control of Hitler. where approx: 225, 000 people were sent to concentration camps (e.g. Dachau) for political crimes (1933-39). Lawyers and Judges have to study national Socialism.( it was a law introduced 1933).

the enabling act (Hitler had the right to rule the gov. and Germany by decree) - March 1933.

in 1933- the cult of Hitler was set and it was fully achvieved in 1936 or 39.

Propaganda- the radio was controlled no other radios were allowed than the people's receiver (as 70% of the people had radio 1939. Moreover, this radio didnt receive foreign broadcasts. Also, Goebbles (the minister of propoganda controlled the newspapers, and held a daily press conference for editiors in 1930s.

Education- Biology was focued on (the racial biology and the aryan race). History of Germany (was changed into a more glorified one)

Conscription was introduced 1935- everybody have to do military service

the importance of the Hitler Youth (1926)- in 1936 all other youth organizations were banned. by 1933 (it had over 55,000 members).

J. Stalin

Great terror from 1928-39. It started with the Shakhty trials (1928) were 55 engineers were arrested and puplicly humilated for sabotiging the economy. The secret police under his control (the chitska) form 1932-35 arrested more than 20% of the communist party- for political crimies. Moreover, between 1935-38, there was the great purges. Directly after the death of Kirov incident (1934). many people were brutaly killed (many claim that is was out of Stalin's control), because it was Yezhov who controlled the secret police during these years.

Hitler during his struggle for power got his all of his potenial rivarls (between 1924-1928), e.g. Trotsky, Bukharin, Kamenev, Zionvev.

in 1933-39 the cult of personality was established, where Stalin is protryed as "the man of all ages". Moreover, in 1925 tsarinyst was named into Stalingrad (a way to glorify the way Stalin seemed as Lenins good follower). also when they celebrate the 17th revolution, Stalin is always portrayed with the great leaders (e.g Marx, Lenin)

Propaganda: censored, the cult of personality (he didnt focus on it as much as Hitler did) He more used terror as 22 million people died between 1935-38.

The youth groups such as the Octorbersits and Kosmol (1929-40) it had over10,2 million members. a way to manipulate people.

Education. the history book was rewritter- to the A short history of the USSR 1938. glorifying the USSR and communism. Russian was compulsory in all the areas of the Soviet in 1938.

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Q: What methods did Hitler and Stalin apply in their tyranny?
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