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The American Revolution is often credited with inspiring the French Revolution.

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Q: What revolutionary movement inspired the french to rebel?
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How did these influence politics in the french colony of saint domingue?

They inspired Africans to rebel against Saint-Domingue's unfair government.

What is the definition of insurgent?

A rebel or revolutionary.

Was George Washington a rebel or a redcoat?

A little of each. He gained his military skills while in the service of the English during the French and Indian War. He then became a rebel in the Revolutionary War against the British.

What is another word for rebel that has thirteen letters?


Should America have rebelled in the revolutionary war?

The Americans did rebel.

What is the Provincial poet of East Bengal?

The Provincial poet of East Bengal is Kazi Nazrul Islam, known as the rebel poet of Bangladesh. He is celebrated for his revolutionary poetry that inspired the independence movement of Bangladesh.

Who from the enlightment inspired the American to rebel?

the Americans were inspired to rebel because of the enlightenment period so many people such as John Locke, Voltaire and Montesquiev stood up for what they believed no matter the consequence.

How did Thomas Paine promote American independence?

He inspired Americans to rebel against the British.

In true rebel fashion the official language of quebec is what?

French French

What roles did Elijah clarke and Austin dabney play in the revolutionary war?

Elijah Clarke was the Colonel of the rebel militia and Austin Dabney was a soldier for the rebel militia.

What colonists did not consider taxes a reaosn to rebel?

The American Loyalists did not consider taxes a reason to rebel. The Loyalists remained loyal to Britain even during the revolutionary war.

What is the meaning of the word taiping?

"Taiping" can refer to the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, a mid-19th-century Chinese rebel state led by the Hakka revolutionary Hong Xiuquan, or it can mean "peace" in Chinese.