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They flamed strong nationalistic Propaganda to rationalize conquering neighboring lands. They spent heavily on ships, planes, and armored vehicles, making them world powers.

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Q: What similar strategies did leaders in Germany Italy and Japan use to transform their nations in strong world powers?
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What nations was forced by allied leaders to make reparations?


What was the Yalta meeting?

the three big leaders talked about what to do with the nations Germany had took over.

Which two nations became industrial leaders in the 1800?

Britain was the main country. Belgium was the second but it is in Germany.

How did canals and railways transform trade in the nations interor?


When did Germany join the league of nations?

Germany joined the League of Nations in 1926...

When did Hitler take Germany out of the League of Nations?

1933 Hitler pulled Germany from the League of Nations

How did Germany Italy and Japan use to transform their nations into strong world powers before World War 2?

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Where did the allied nations begin their advances into Germany?

in Germany

Who were leaders of the axis nations during World War 2?

Adolf Hitler, Furher of Germany Benito Mussolini, leader of Italy Emperor Hirohito, Emperor of Japan

Who was the leaders on World War 2?

The leaders of the allied nations were called the big three and were Stalin for Russia, Churchill for Britian, and Roosevelt for America. Roosevelt died and was replaced by Truman. The leaders of the Axis were Hitler for Germany, Mussolini for Italy, and General Hideki Tojo and Emperor Hirohito for Japan.Hirohito

What was the peace treaty signed by the allied nations and Germany in 1919?

there was no treaty since Germany surrendered to the allied nations

Why did Germany resign from the league of nations?

Germany left the League of Nations after refusing to end arms limitations imposed on Germany after World War 1.

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