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Q: What was Botswana called when it was a British colony?
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Who ruled botswana for nearly 80 years?

the british colony

Was botswana once a British protectorate?

Botswana was once a British Protectorate?>

When did the British colonize Botswana?

the British colonized Botswana in the year 1821 and then Botswana gained its independence on 1966

What was the British colony of India called?

The British Raj

Who colonized Botswana?

The British, it was called Betchuanaland. Bechuanaland was never a colony as such, it was a "protectorate" of Britain. In a nutshell, the people of Bechuanaland requested British protection from the South African Boers, the British did not want the Boers or Rhodes, who at that stage was in Rhodesia, moving into Bechuanaland, so this was an arrangement that was beneficial to both the people of Bechuanaland and the British.

What british colony was called the gold coast?


What is an example of the word colony in a sentence?

The pilgrims made a colony called JamestownThe British moved to a different Colony.

What is the former British colony of Malaya called today?


In 1607 the British founded their first colony and called it?

The British colony of Jamestown was founded on the coast of what is now the state of Virginia in 1607. The colony was named after King James of England.

What did the country of Zimbabwe used to be called?

It was originally called Southern Rhodesia, and it was a British colony.

Was the Dominican Republic a British colony?

No it was not a British colony.

What is British east Africa called now?

The former British East Africa colony is now Kenya.

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