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-Napoleon Bonaparte was married to Josephine de Beauharnais, because she had influential friends among the Directory, but because Josephine could not bear children, Napoleon divorced with her.

-There were rumors that Josephine had been seeing someone else.

-Another reason why Bonaparte wanted to divorce with Josephine was, because he wanted to marry the sister of the Russian leader, Tsar Alexander I, knowing that it would strengthen the alliance between Russia and France.

-In the end he married Maria Louise of Austria

-Had a son and named him Napoleon

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Q: What was napoleon bonapartes marriage like?
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Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 15, 1769

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Napoleon had few friends. He had loyalties, family, alliances and lovers.

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Napolean Bonapartes' mother was called Maria Letizia Ramolino

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Napolean Bonapartes' mother was called Maria Letizia Ramolino

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He was the emperor of France until after the battle of Waterloo when he was sent into exile and died of cancer.

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His support for France allowed his eldest sons Napoleon and Joseph to study in France, opening the way for the former's meteoric rise to supreme power in that country.

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Napolean Bonapartes' mother was called Maria Letizia Ramolino