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The Major conflict for World War 1 was between the Central Powers and the Allies. Germany's attack of France brought the allies into direct conflict. The unrelenting Submarine attacks by the German subs would eventually pull the reluctant United States into the conflict.

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Q: What was the major conflict for World War 1?
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How many draftees fought in World War 1?

World War I was the first major conflict that brought the world together. 2.7 million young men entered the war through the draft.

Was World War 1 a global conflict?


What are the release dates for World War II The War Chronicles - 1983 The Greatest Conflict 1-1?

World War II The War Chronicles - 1983 The Greatest Conflict 1-1 was released on: USA: 1983

Why was world war 1 a statement?

War is when there is an armed conflict between 2 or more nations. World War 1 was exactly that- an armed conflict that involved a large part of all the countries in the world.

Why World War 1 is called a global conflict?

Because the whole world was basically in the war

Why did u.s adopt a policy of neutrality at the beginning of world war 1?

-because they wanted to prevent getting into any major conflict with germany

What is the conflict and compromise of world war 1?

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How did the the conflict of World War 1 come to a end?


What caused world war 1 to escalate from a regional conflict into a massive world war?

causes WW1 to escalate from a regional conflict into a massive WW

What are World War 1 and two Korean war and the Vietnam conflict examples of?

World War 1 , two Korean Wars, and the Vietnam conflict are examples of undeclared wars. The US went to war without a Declaration of War from Congress.

What were the chain of events that led to World War 1?

One of the major ones was the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. This stirred up conflict between the powers and ultimately lead to the war

What are the 5 major battles of World War 1?

AnswerWhich of the following was not a major battle of World War I?

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