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Doves opposed the war, Hawks supported the war effort. The doves wanted to stop the fighting.

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Q: What was the meaning of the doves during the Vietnam War?
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Meaning of Lions and Doves in Vietnam War?

Hawks and Doves; pro war & anti-war.

What were the views of the doves and the hawks during the Vietnam War?

The symbolism of doves and hawks, doves meaning someone supports peace and hawks meaning someone supports military intervention, can be used in reference to any military conflict. However, the symbolism was first used during the Vietnam War.

What did the Hawks do during the Vietnam War?

During the Vietnam War the Hawks supported the war. On the other side was the Doves. These were the people who did not support the war.

How did the doves feel during the Vietnam war?

The doves felt like the Vietnam War was not America's concern and that we should have stayed out of it. The were upset as well that they were loosing millions of friends and family.

What was the political climate in America during the Vietnam war?

Doves vs Hawks.

What is a good slogan for doves during Vietnam war?

I'm a bird and I know it !

What Anti war protesters were called?

During they Vietnam war, they were called "Doves" as a symbol of peace.

What were the people called who protested the war in Vietnam?


Who were Hawks and Doves?

During the Vietnam War, the country was divided into two sections, the ones who wanted the war, and those who didn't. The Hawks wanted the war and the Doves were against it.

Hawks and doves vietnam war?

Hawks supported the war effort and doves wanted America out of the war.

Who were doves in the vietnam war?

Doves opposed the war. they took their name from the dove op peace.

Who opposed the vietnam war doves or hawks?

Doves are those who desire peace over war. Hawks support war when necessary to resolve a conflict or subdue an enemy. Consequently, it was the doves who opposed the Vietnam War.

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