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for hull saftey, because of the titanic

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Q: What was the purpose of a double hull vessel?
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What is the purpose of a hull house?

The purpose of the Hull House was to offer working class citizens of Chicago an opportunity to obtain educational and social resources. One can learn more about the Hull House on Wikipedia.

When was first double hull ship built?

The first double hull ship, known as the "Oregon," was built in 1891. This design innovation improved the ship's safety by providing an additional layer of protection against hull damage and oil spills. Double hull ships have since become standard in the marine industry.

What is a bowsprit?

The Bowsprit of a sailing vessel is a pole or spar extending forward from the vessel's prow, providing an anchor point for the forestays and allowing the fore-mast to be stepped farther forward on the hull

What was Jane Addams most important book?

twenty years or the first twenty years at Hull-House. ( the unusual name- did it look like a ship?) of the house is never revealed. maybe Hull was the name of the original owner or architect? or maybe it did look like a big barge or vessel!

What is a strake?

A single continuous line of planking or metal plating running longitudinally on a vessel's hull. On modern metal hulled vessels the strake running the centerline of the vessel is known as the "Keel Strake". Other strakes are assigned letter designations working outward from the keel strake; "A" strake, "B" strake, etc. The strake at the turn of the bilge is called the "Bilge Strake". The longest continual strake at the uppermost deck is called the "Sheer Strake". Aside from the keel strake, there are two of every strake: Port & Starboard. Depending on the curves of the ship's hull, some strakes may be terminated before reaching either the bow or stern of the vessel.

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What is the minimum required gm for double hull tanker vessel?


Did the Titanic have a double hull?

No - it was a vessel powered by diesel-engines.

What was the purpose of the titanics hull?

Titanic's double-hull was a safety feature to stay afloat even if suffering a blow to out it's outside hull.

Why double bottom provided for bulk carriers?

A double hull is designed so if the outer hull is compromised the vessel will maintain water tight integrity and not spill its contents into the sea. Some dbl hulls also use the void to ballast the ship.

What is a vessel hull?

They are generally referred to as a trimaran.

What was the purpose of the Titanic's inner hull?

It meant to strengthen the ship. Titanic's steel hull, the main body of the ship, had been reinforced with a second hull fitted inside. That is why people used to say the Titanic was unsinkable, so this belief lulled everyone on board into a false sense of security, which was to have tragic consequences.

What is the body of a ship is called?

The main body of a ship is called the hull. The hull runs from the main deck of the vessel all the way to the keel, which is at the center of the vessel where both sides of the hull join under the water. The part of the ship that is built above the hull is called the superstructure.

What is a hull for on a boat?

The hull of a craft is the lower most half, to which the cap is fastened. The hull makes provision for floatation, without which, the vessel would sink.

Whats a Sea-going vessel with a twin hull?

A Cataran

Is the serface tension of the outside of the hull of a vessel equalized when a cavity within the hull of a vessel is filled with water?

This is not a good/valid question as the terms used in it are not compatible I.E. Surface tension has nothing to do with a cavity within the hull (filled or not with water)Perhaps the question was meant to be: Is the displacementof the hull increased when a cavity within the hull of a vessel is filled with water?To this, the answer is yes, as any weight added to the vessel, no matter where it is added (inside a cavity or not) will increase the displacement.The displacement of a vessel such as a ship is a measure of the amount of water that would normally be in the area that the ship now occupies. The weight of this displaced water would be equal to the total weight of the entire ship.

A light vessel with a hull that raises out of the water at speed?

You are describing a hydrofoil.

What does the hull of a yacht do?

The hull of a yacht is designed to allow the vessel to float and support the rest of the structure. The hull is largely underwater but plays a vital role in the integrity and structure of the ship.