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Q: What were the negative and positive effects of imperialism on Kenya?
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What were three positive effects of European imperialism in Kenya?

jessie was here yay 2-1-12

List the negative effects of tribalism in Kenya?

Tribalism in Kenya is contributed to lack of accountability, underdevelopment, governmental corruption, and nepotism in the country. It is considered bad governance that leads to far more negative things than positive outcomes to the country's problems.

What are the positive and negative impacts of tourism on the environment in Kenya?

i dnt know

What was it like in Kenya BEFORE imperialism?

Seeing as that was over a hundred years ago, who do think is going to answer. Before Imperialism they had no written history.

Imperialism in Kenya?

the dinosaurs died by a meteorite. and went boom boom in my pants.

How does tourism affect aspects of Kenya society?

tourism effects kenya in the respect that if they did not have tourism kenya would not be how it is today

What were the negative effects of colonialism in kenya?

I am currently writing a paper on the effect of british colonialism on tribal relations in Kenya. It seems as though many of the ethnic conflicts seen in Kenya today come from the way the British ruled Kenya. Their divide and rule strategy created sustained ethnic conflict that afflicts Kenyan politics today.

What are the bad effects of tourism in Kenya?

the bad effects are the corodes and the wearing of grass

What was an independent nation in Africa during the Age of Imperialism?

a) Kenya b) Transvaal c) Liberia d) Nigeria

What has the author SHIRAZ DURRANI written?


What are the effects of tribalism in Kenya?

it leads to enemity and nepotism and this can destroy a country

What were the effects of colonialism in Kenya?

There are a lot of positive factors that the colonial government and establishment helped bring to kenya, such as # Education. # Health Institutions. # Introduced modern day government institution. Just but to mention a few. On the other hand there are a few negative aspects that the colonial government established and continue to undermine Kenya up to date. For instance # Introduced the divide and rule strategy that was later adopted by succeeding government. # Enacted self centered policies to safeguard their interests, such as land policies that later increased tribal hostilities. Just to mention a few.

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