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this is teoni the gold miners came form Abrignal people in there time

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Q: When the gold miners first came to Yukon what country did they come from?
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Where did Yukon's first settler's come from?

It's unknown exactly where the first settlers came from but it's known that they came from further down south and adapted to the cold. Answered by the Robloxian, (if you have roblox) Dingledorf

Which part of the world did miners come from?

Thousands of experienced miners came from Sonora in Mexico. Other foreign miners came from Europe, South America, Australia, and China.

Was Australia the first gold rush or were there anyone before it?

Many of the miners came from the California fields which were dwindling.

Why did Chinese gold miners not like the European gold miners?

because they came from different countries? :/

What is the origin of Yukon's name?

Yukon gained the name from the Yukon River which in turn came from the Gwich'in language meaning "Great River".

What was the main place of origin of most of the miners who came to Australia for the gold rush?

Most of the miners were simply Australian. A great number of Chinese also came to the goldfields.

How did building fort Defiance affect the lives of the miners in Glenwood Canyon?

The railroad came and the miners could get their coal sent out.

Who came to Canada from the US and Australia to search for gold?


What country do tennis balls come from?

It was first came from the country France.

WHICH country came first?

Denmark is the oldest country that still exist

How was Colorado settled and who came to Colorado first?

The Colorado Gold rush brought many pioneers and miners that built there offiacal homes but before that, Europeans came and discovered Colorado's Indian's living there.

Who did the Australian gold miners elect as the leader?

When it came to the Eureka Stockade, the Australian gold miners elected Peter Lalor as their leader.