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The name "Cajun" is short for Acadian. The Acadians were ran out of Canada.

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Q: Where did cajun people flee from to Louisiana?
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Where will you find Cajun people?

In Louisiana

What are the Cajun?

Cajun is the name given to French people settled in Louisiana. The name is a corruption of Acadian, as the ancestors of these Cajun people had been forcibly relocated from Acadia (in Nova Scotia, Canada) to Louisiana, USA.

Where is the Cajun state?

The Cajun state is Louisiana.

Where does cajun chicken come from?

the Louisiana

How is Cajun French different from French?

Cajun French is a dialect of French spoken in Louisiana, influenced by English, Spanish, and Native American languages. It has distinct vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar compared to standard French. Cajun French also reflects the unique history and culture of the Cajun people in Louisiana.

Cajun music features which culture of people?

french speaking people who came to Louisiana from Canada

Where does the word Cajun come from?

The word Cajun is believed to come from "Acadian," referring to the French-speaking Acadian people who settled in the area that is now known as Louisiana. The Cajun culture is a mix of Acadian, French, Spanish, and African influences that have developed over centuries in Louisiana.

Where is the Cajun Sugar Cooperative Inc.?

The Cajun Sugar Cooperative Inc. is in Louisiana

Is the word Cajun capitalized?

Yes, the word Cajun is capitalized as it refers to a specific group of people, their culture, or their cuisine originating from French-speaking Acadian immigrants in Louisiana.

What food is most identified with Louisiana?

Cajun food is most identified with Louisiana.

Do people live in swamps?

Yes,swamps,bayous,marshes,etc. At least some Cajun people in Louisiana do.

Where do French and Cajun people live in American?

French people can be found throughout the United States, particularly in areas with a strong French heritage such as Louisiana, New Orleans, and parts of the Midwest. Cajun people are predominantly located in Louisiana, especially in the southern and southwestern regions, where they have maintained their distinctive culture, language, and traditions.