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1) Check this site: "Camp Pine - On the northwest boarder of what is today Mount Prospect is a Cook County forest preserve. On the eastern side of the Des Plaines River (near the intersection of Euclid and River Road) was a WWII German POW camp called Camp Pine. Around 200 German soldiers were held here through the war, living in 5 barracks with a mess tent. Many of them worked outside of the camp at local farms and some worked at Pesche's flowers. After the war, the buildings from this camp were used by girl and boy scout troops. We would like any information, memories, or photos of this camp, either as a POW camp or as a scout camp." 2) Also, "I am looking for any information that is available regarding a German POW camp called Camp Pine that was just outside DesPlaines Illinois. It was one of several small camps in the Chicago area where prisoners were used on the farms to offset the man shortage due to the war. Control of these sattelite camps was handled through Fort Sheridan Illinois, a fort that is now dismantled. I have not been able to trace where the historical data kept at the fort museum went when the fort closed. Any information would be greatly appreciated about the fort records or especially Camp Pine. Don Klich Don Klich Desplaines, IL USA - Tuesday, February 17, 2004 at 16:05:18 (EST)" 3) Also, from the Cook Cty Forest Preserves and other sources, see Sweet Woods Forest Preserve, Glenwood, IL - Was a German POW camp during World War II. The prisoners drew a U.S. flag in cement, which still remains there today. Located at N41.5513, W87.61449. Take Interstate 394 South to Glenwood Dyre Rd exit turn right to St. Lawrence Ave. turn right to Glenwood Lansing Rd. then turn left to Cottage Grove st. (north) look for Sweet Woods Forest Preserve entrance on your left. park at the end of prking lot head past stone patio to trail entrance. 4) Also, from what I read Fort Sheridan, Illinois was a facility from which POWs were sent to other places.

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Q: Where were the POW camps located in the Chicago area during World War 2?
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