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'hilter was voted by the people of Germany' is correct but rather vague,

President Hindenburg made him chancellor after telling Hitler just weeks before 'how will i answer to god if i make you chancellor'. Hindenburg did this out of the German benefit and Hitler was voted positively. Hindenburg did not want this but the German people did, and Hindenburg couldn't refuse otherwise he would have looked like a terrible president.


President Paul von Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler chancellor after much hesitation (due to the fact that Hindenberg simply didn't like Adolf Hitler, or the Nazis. He ran for President under no party, but leaned toward the conservative side). In the end it came down to the threat of communism, and Hindenburg feared that the Nazis were the only party strong enough to protect Germany's middle class. - j

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2011-09-13 19:50:22
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Q: Who made Hitler a chancellor and why?
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