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Q: Who was the American loyalist who favored continued british rule of the 13 colonies?
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What did it mean to be a Loyalist in the years leading to and through the American Revolution?

A loyalist was an American who remained loyal to the British government after the American colonies had declared independence.

What did loyalist want to see happen?

Loyalists wanted the American Colonies to stay under British rule.

How do you use loyalist in a sentence?

In history a loyalist means to stay loyal to a cause or country. The Loyalist continued to fight for the British army.

What type of colonist were loyalist?

loyalist are people who stuck with king george 3 and the British Goverment during when the British were taxing the colonies

Does the loyalist feel more English or American?

English. They left the fledgling US for British colonies because they remained loyal, so it stands to reason they felt more British than American.

Was everyone in the former British colonies considered an American after the Revolutionary war?

Because they were. The loyalist left and the people who were in the newly formed US were Americans.

Is General John Burgoyne A loyalist?

General Burgoyne was neither. He was a brutish general the fought in the American Revolution and lost at the battle of Saratoga (which many consider the turning point of the war) Since he was not from the colonies he could not be either, but if you had to pick he was a loyalist because he was British.

Are loyalist also british?

Not necessarily. A loyalist was an American colonist who wanted to remain loyal to Great Britain.

What defines a loyalist during the American revolution?

A loyalist is a person who backed the British and the King. They were "loyal " to the crown.

Why did the British create the colonies of New Brunswick and Upper Canada?

The British created the colonies of New Brunswick and Upper Canada in order to accommodate loyalists who had fled the United States after the American Revolution. These colonies were established as a way to provide land and resources for the loyalist settlers and to assert British control and influence in North America.

Who was aided by the Loyalists the British Army or the American Army?

the british army was aided by loyalist.

Was James Armisted a loyalist a partriot or a neutral?

He was an Africa American that fought against the British therefore he is a Patriot