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it wasn't a battle. it was here where Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant to end the Civil War. (The Court House at Appomattox.)

Actually, there was a battle of Appomattox too (sorry to correct you). And the Union army won. 500 confederates were killed and 27,805 surrendered. Only 164 Union soldiers were killed

one more correction- it wasn't at the Court House at Appomattox, the town was called "Appomattox Court House." The official surrender between Lee and Grant took place at a farmer's home there.

ya that person is right it was a battle that the union won, and it was the battle that led to the battle in Texas that ended the Civil War.

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2010-12-14 13:04:08
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Q: Who won the Battle of Appomattox?
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