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He Didnt

Hitler invaded Poland and England declared war on Germany Hitler didnt believe that England would go to war otherwise he may not have done it

England challenged him first cause he took Poland so England kicked his butt!

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Appeasment or hitlers actions in World War 2 which was the most important

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Q: Why did Hitler target England?
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Why did Hitler target England in the battle of Britain?

In the Battle of Britain, Hitler and the Luftwaffe particularly targeted RAF fighter Command with the intent of destroying Britain's fighter defences.

Who did Adolf Hitler target?

Hitler targeted many people, but his main target was the Jewish people.

How did Hitler conquer England?

Hitler did not 'conquer England'.

Why did Hitler target women?

because he had to, he had to target everyone or he would not get elected.

When did Hitler rule England?

Hitler never ruled England, he was a German not an Englishman.

What did Hitler's hate campaign have to do with the Jews?

The Jews were the target of Hitler's hate campaign.

Why did Hitler invade England?

Hitler did not invade England during WW2. No one invaded England during WW2.

Did England surrender to Hitler?


Did Hitler defeated England?


Why did Hitler target children?

If you mean why did Hitler target children for extermination: Hitler's goal was to exterminate the entire Jewish race. At concentration camps, prisoners were used as forced labors. Since children were smaller, weaker, and not as productive, Hitler had no use for them. If you mean why did Hitler target German children with propaganda: Hitler bombarded young German children with Nazi and anti-Jew propaganda to teach them at an early age to hate the Jewish people.

Why did Hitler target the jews for elimination?

Hitler target the Jews for elimination since he believed that they were responsible for most of the events in the world that affected his country. This was also a way of showing how powerful he was.

Why did Hitler target young people to be his followers?


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