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Ever Take A Hit With A Nuke ? Who Was Left To Fight Back. The City Was Almost Wiped From The Earth.

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2007-03-16 04:53:32
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Q: Why didn't Hiroshima fight back after the bombing?
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Why did japan dropped an atomic bomb to Hiroshima?

They wanted to get back at them for bombing Japan

Why did the US endure all the bombing from Japan during World War 2 instead of fighting back instantly?

It didnt endure anything and did fight back instantly

Why did they drop atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima?

After the Pearl Harbor bombing, America got back at Japan and bombed them.

What were the possibilities on bombing hiroshima?

All the possibilities were good which brought back the Enola gay whole after dropping the atomic bomb.

How does the Chernobyl explosion compare to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima?

It did not. The reason the people did not come back was there were no job since the plant broke.

Did they send Japanese back after the bombing of hiroshima?

The United States had the Japanese in camps across the nation but none were sent to Japan.

Why didnt Lennie fight back at first when curley hit him?

Lennie didn't fight back at first because he was to frightened to defend himself.

In the book The Cay why didnt Curacao fight the Germans back?

They couldn't fight the Germans back because they didn't have enough weapons to fight back to the Germans and when a shipped tried to get weapons or leave the Germans would torpedo it.

When did the bombing of japan start?

=when did the bombing of japan start?were did it begging?what time did it begging?were did end?how many people died?did the Japanese fight back?why did it begging?how many Americans died?how many planes went down?=

What did it mean to be an American in the 1800's?

What it meant to be an american back than was that you had to fight for your rights and freedom and if you didnt you were not a true american.

What did it mean to an American in the early 1800s?

What it meant to be an american back than was that you had to fight for your rights and freedom and if you didnt you were not a true american.

Why does the bombing of hiroshima matter?

The bombing of Hiroshima had this importance:Japan now knew America had the atomic bomb they had been trying to make themselves and they had no idea how many the US had.Japan knew the Allies could bomb Japan into oblivion as they had been warned.Russia knew the US was a big bear to contend with now.With Russia at its back door and the atomic bombs being used Japan realized they had lost and they could not win. The Emperor surrendered.

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