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For whatever reasons, some people cannot accept that current human technology could overcome the substantial obstacles to such a difficult achievement. This ignores the concurrent developments in aviation, satellite, and materials that occurred in the second half of the 20th Century. (21st century advancements in digital special effects now enable fictional recreations nearly comparable to the visual records of the period.)

For some, it is the extension of denying anything historical because they did not witness or take part in it.

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Q: Why do some people believe the Apollo lunar landings were a hoax?
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Name the spaceships that have landed on the moon?

Luna-2 Luna-3 Luna-9 Luna-13 Ranger 7 Ranger 8 Ranger 9 Surveyor 1 Surveyor 3 Surveyor 5 Surveyor 6 Surveyor 7 Luna-16 Luna-17 (with Lunokhod-1 rover) Luna-20 Luna-21 (with Lunokhod-2 rover) Luna-24 Apollo 11 Lunar Module: Eagle Apollo 12 Lunar Module: Intrepid Apollo 14 Lunar Module: Antares Apollo 15 Lunar Module: Falcon Apollo 16 Lunar Module: Orion Apollo 17 Lunar Module: Challenger Moon Impact Probe (MIP)

Who where the first people to walk on the moon in what year?

The Apollo 11 mission. Neil Armstrong, 10:56 pm EDT, July 20th 1969. (2:56 UTC July 21, 1969). Buzz Aldrin followed him onto the surface about 15 minutes later. Among other independent evidence suggesting that the Apollo 11 moon landings weren't a hoax, in July of 2009 the LROC Science Operations Center at Arizona State University positively identified Apollo 11 and the trails of footprints left by these two men in images taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Which spaceship was used by the astronauts to land on the moon?

Apollo was the name of all the lunar missions. The various craft that went were numbered. 6 missions went to the moon and landed on it, which were Apollo 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17. Each lunar mission spacecraft consisted of two parts, a command module and a lunar module. The command module got people to the moon and orbited around it and got them back to Earth. The lunar module was the part that actually landed on the moon. The 6 lunar modules that landed on the moon were: Eagle Intrepid Antares Falcon Orion Challenger

How many lunar missions have failed?

I'm not sure what you are asking. The only manned lunar mission that failed was Apollo 13. For why that mission failed visit the related link below.

What was the purpose of the Apollo program?

The purpose was to put man on the moon and return him and the spacecraft safely. But they also wanted to establish new technology and develop man's abillity to work in a lunar enviorment. The Apollo program is the most remembered and most significant of all the programs. Sincerely, Phantomfreak6377

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What program were the moon landing a part of?

The manned lunar landings were part of the US's Apollo program.

Which Apollo spacecraft stayed in lunar orbit?

I believe it was #11.

What date were the moon landings launched?

I assume you're referring to the manned lunar landings. Those launch dates are as follows: Apollo 11 - July 20, 1969 Apollo 12 - November 14, 1969 Apollo 14 - January 31, 1971 Apollo 15 - July 26, 1971 Apollo 16 - April 16, 1972 Apollo 17 - December 7, 1972

How many Apollo mission have occurred?

1. Apollo 7: Low Earth Orbit 2. Apollo 8: Lunar Orbit 3. Apollo 9: Low Earth Orbit 4. Apollo 10: Lunar Orbit 5. Apollo 11: Lunar Landing 6. Apollo 12: Lunar Landing 7. Apollo 13: Lunar flyby (aborted landing) 8. Apollo 14: Lunar Landing 9. Apollo 15: Lunar Landing 10. Apollo 16: Lunar Landing 11. Apollo 17: Lunar Landing

When were the first moon landings?

Six Apollo missions carried twelve American astronauts to land and walk onthe moon between 1969 and 1972.There were no manned lunar landings before, and there have been none since.

How many Moon Landing were there in 1960-1969?

There were only two lunar landings from the year 1960 _ 1969, they wetre Apolo 11 and Apollo 12..

When was the Apollo lunar invented?

The Apollo 9 was the first to test a lunar module in space. Apollo 10 tested the lunar module in lunar orbit.

When was the lunar landing?

There were 6 lunar landings between 1696 and 1972

How have humans walked on the moon?

The only humans who have walked on the Moon are 12 astronauts of the Apollo Lunar Exploration missions (6 landings between 1969 and 1972).

Was there a second moon landing?

Indeed, there were several moon landings past Apollo 11. In total 6 spacecraft carried 12 men to the lunar surface.

How many man have walked on the moon?

I believe 12 when counting both the commanders and lunar module pilots of the completed missions. Neil Armstrong - Apollo 11 commander Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin - Apollo 11 lunar pilot Charles Conrad - Apollo 12 commander Alan Bean - Apollo 12 lunar pilot Alan Shepard - Apollo 14 commander Edgar Mitchell - Apollo 14 lunar pilot David Scott - Apollo 15 commander James Irwin - Apollo 15 lunar pilot John Young - Apollo 16 commander Charles Duke - Apollo 16 lunar pilot Eugene Cernan - Apollo 17 commander Harrison Schmitt - Apollo 17 lunar pilot

How did Apollo landings on the moon help scientists determine the age of the moon?

They brought back samples of lunar rocks so the scientist's could determine the age of the moon.

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