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because he murdered his wife and kids

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Q: Why is Bentio Mussolini wanted?
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What is Bentio Mussolini?

A human being.

What country did bentio mussolini rule?


The title applied to bentio mussolini by his adherents the italian word for leader?


Mussolini wanted to create a great Italian?


Who wanted to turn the Mediterranean into a Roman Lake?


What are facts about Mussolini?

Mussolini was a writer, reporter not a politician before becoming the leader of Italy.Mussolini aligned himself with a racist who hated Jews while Mussolini's mistress was a Jew.The Italians never wanted to be part of the axis forces and wanted to be allied with the Allied Forces. So they wanted Mussolini stopped. The King of Italy finally had him arrested and executed.

What evidence is there that Mussolini was ever jealous of Hitler?

"Mussolini wanted to prove to his Axis partner that he was capable of leading Italy to a similar military successes" is the evidence that Mussolini was ever jealous of Hitler.

How did the imperialism of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler before World War 2 differ?

It was B Mussolini wanted to expand his country to challenge the Soviet Union, but Hitler wanted to expand his country to increase trade with the Soviet Union.

Why did Mussolini ordered the invasion of abyssinian?

The truth is that Mussolini and Hitler wanted the OIL in Abyssinia (Ethiopia). Very typical for a reason to invade a country.

Mussolini invaded what country in the 1930s?

Mussolini and the Italian Army invaded Ethiopia (it had a different name at the time) because he wanted their oil and so did Adolph Hitler. Mussolini had imperialist asperations too.

What axis leader wanted to make the new roman empire?

That was Benito Mussolini.

What are the similarities between Mussolini and francisco franco?

both dictators that wanted to rule

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