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because who cares about Korea

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Q: Why is Korea known as the forgotten war?
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Why was the French and Indian War known as the forgotten war?

Any war that is not known to people (no books, no movies, etc.) is known as a "forgotten war." The Revolutionary War of 1776 overshadowed the French and Indian War. WW2 overshadowed WW1; Korea was overshadowed by the Vietnam War.

What are the release dates for Korea The Forgotten War - 1987 TV?

Korea The Forgotten War - 1987 TV was released on: USA: 5 July 1987

What war was called the forgeotten war?

The Korean War was known as the Forgotten War.

How did American public react to the Korean War?

The US was still recovering from WW2 when Korea erupted. This is part of the reason Korea is known as the "forgotten war", it has been overshadowed by WW2. There was less than 5 years of (peace) time between the Korean War and WW2.

Why is the Korean War referred to as the Forgotten War?

the forgotten war the Korean war is referred to the forgotten war because it was sandwiched between WWII and the Vietnam War, both wars being high scale and LONG. The Korean War only lasted 3 years, and was overshadowed by the Vietnam War which came right after it. It is called the Forgotten War is America because of this, but trust me, the Koreans don't call it such. The war is FAR from "forgotten" in North and South Korea.

What war was forgotten war?

the war of 1812 was ''the forgotten war''

When did the United States fight Korea?

1950 Thru 1953, It is considered the Forgotten War. actually the United States never fought against Korea. You are referring to the Korean Civil War, war between the North and South Korea, which lasted from 1950 to 1953. The United States were South Korean's allies so they sent the troops to aid Koreans. You are right that this war is sometimes referred as "Forgotten War" because it was the deadliest (number of soldiers killed in the duration of the war) war in US history.

Who invaded South Korea in june 1950?

North Korea. The war is commonly known in South Korea as the 6.25 war because it occured on the 25th of June.

What are the ratings and certificates for Korea Forgotten Conflict - 2003 VG?

Korea Forgotten Conflict - 2003 VG is rated/received certificates of: USA:T

Did North Korea win the war against South Korea?

No, there is no known war between the North Korea and south Korea, but that can change North Korea may attack the south, but South Korea is way ahead against North Korea in military technology, weapons etc.

What other name is the French and Indian War known by?

It has a lot of other names: The Seven Years War, The Fourth Intercolonial War, The Great War for the Empire, The Forgotten War. In Canada, it is known as the War Of Conquest.

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