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If it wasn't for World War 2. woman in Canada wouldn't be able to work men's job. However, world war two changed the world so much that nobody would imagine. woman would just stay home and cook, while men went to world war 2 to fight. Now since all men went to world war 2 nobody was there to make weapons, run farms and take care of the children. The government decided that woman can work hard as men too. however, the government gave women many different jobs. such as making weapons, nurse women, farmers, factory and many more. After world war 2 life changed. Women had the right to work as men and to do stuff like men. so they demanded equality right. And in 1982 Pierre Trudeau introduced the charter of right. This is why World War 2 is considered a good war in Canada.

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Q: Why was World War 2 considered a good war for Canada?
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