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For the same reason it is use today--to punish people for breaking the law. The Romans used what we would consider today less humane ways of capital punishment. The Romans lived in a more violent society and often used methods such as crucifixion as a way to control and influence people not to rebel or break the laws.

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Q: Why was capital punishment used by the Romans?
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What capital punishment is still used today?

what capital punishment are still being used today

Why do people crucify?

Crucifixion was a Roman type of capital punishment for slaves, thieves and rebels who were not Romans.

Why was roman capital punishment used?

the main reason that roman capital punishment was used was to deter people from comitting crimes. hope this helps.

The first time capital punishment was used?

Capital punishment has been used since before the beginning of recorded history. No one can say when it was first used.

What methods of capital punishment are used in the world?

Capital punishment or Death Penalty is a punishment which is awarded through a legal procedure as a punishment for a crime. There are different methods used for carrying out Capital Punishment. They include beheading, electric chair, gas chamber, hanging, lethal injection and Firing squad.

What term is used for capital punishment?

The death penalty.

Was capital and corporal punishment used to control the criminally insane?

If they can really prove that the suspect is indeed insane, the judge would not allow capital punishment to be used on them.

How many years has America used capital punishment?


When was capital punishment introduced in the UK?

Capital punishment was used in the United Kingdom from its creation in 1707 until it was abolished in Great Britain in 1969 and Northern Ireland in 1973. Before the UK existed, capital punishment had been used in the British Isles since forever.

Why is capital punishment an issue?

Capital punishment remains an issue because some countries still use capital punishment.

10 countries where capital punishment is used?

10 countries where capital punishment is used includes USA, Egypt, Japan, China, Yemen, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, India, and Israel.

When did capital punishment start in Australia?

Capital Punishment began to be used in Australia in the year 1629 with the niters of the Batavia. It was last used in 1967 during the hanging of Ronald Ryan in Victoria.

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