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Massachusetts was not a colony in 1692. The British had not come over until the 1700s.

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Q: Why were nineteen people executed in 1692 in colonial Massachusetts?
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In 1692 nineteen people were executed in Massachusetts for this crime?


In 1992 nineteen people were executed in Massachusetts for this crime?

Massachusetts didn’t execute 19 people in 1992. The largest mass hanging in Untied States history was in 1868 when 38 Lakota me were hung at Ft. Laramie. Had 19 people been executed in 1992 there would have been a Supreme Court case.

In 1692 people were executed in Massachusetts for what crime?


Nineteen people were hanged where for accusations of witchcraft?

I'm going to assume you mean Salem, Massachusetts 1692.

What was the result of the witchcraft trails in Salem?

Nineteen people were executed. The hundred and a half that remained in jail until they were pardoned had to sue to regain confiscated property. Puritanism lost some of its hold on Massachusetts because of the hangings of innocent people that Puritan religion said were guilty.

What recreation activities did people in colonial Massachusetts have?

enta ghaby

What kind of people live in colonial Massachusetts?

The kind of people who were in Massachusetts were reglious people that couldn't pactice their own reglion from their home town.

What kind of jobs did people in colonial Massachusetts have?

lumbering, sailors, and merchants

How many witches died in the Salem Witch Trials?

The Salem witch trials occurred in colonial Massachusetts between 1692 and 1693. More than 200 people were accused of practicing witchcraft- the Devil's magic- and 20 were executed.

What group of people settled at Plymouth Massachusetts during the colonial times?


What nationalities make up colonial Massachusetts?

people who live in massachusetts what the nationalities?

What crime cause 19 people to be executed in Massachusetts in 1692?