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Yes the in the Tudors time they had Blacksmiths. If the ancient roman and Greeks did, so did the Medival English.

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Q: Would a blacksmith have worked in Tudor times?
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What was happening in the world in the Tudor times?

The Tudors just worked out

Did blacksmiths back in Medieval Times deliver what they made?

In medieval times the blacksmith worked at the place where the product was needed. They would not generally make something in one town for sale in another town. They would make it in the town where they would sell it. If you brought your horse to the blacksmith's shop for a horseshoe, he would make it and put it on your horse.

How much would a Tudor merchant's house cost in Tudor times?

it costs £15

What color would most describe Tudor times?

red and white like the tudor rose colour

What meat was eaten in Tudor times?

The meat that Tudor people would eat is peackock,swan and lamb

What clothes would a blacksmith wear in madeavel times?

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Who is the Abraham man in Tudor times?

The "Abraham man" was a tudor beggar,back in the tudor times.

What would a Pound be called in Tudor times?

Depending on which part of "Tudor times" you refer to, the equivalent of a Pound (of 20 Shillings) would have been a Sovereign. During "Tudor times" over the years, the value of the Sovereign moved around, and was valued at 30 Shillings for quite a while.

What would you find in a town square in medieval times?

bakery, blacksmith, church

What was the name of a Tudor newspaper?


Why would you be executed in Tudor times?

If you disagreed with the king or if you did a terrible sin.

How were letters sealed at Tudor times?

Letters at Tudor times were sealed with wax

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