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Q: What clothes would a blacksmith wear in madeavel times?
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What does colonial blacksmith wear?

a blacksmith would wear handmade pants, clothes, and shoess.

What would you find in a town square in medieval times?

bakery, blacksmith, church

What clothes would people wear in castles?

in medieval times they would wear...... clothes

What do the blacksmith eat?

Blacksmiths would have eaten the same food common to most villagers in medieval times.

Did blacksmiths back in Medieval Times deliver what they made?

In medieval times the blacksmith worked at the place where the product was needed. They would not generally make something in one town for sale in another town. They would make it in the town where they would sell it. If you brought your horse to the blacksmith's shop for a horseshoe, he would make it and put it on your horse.

Is a blacksmith a tricky rascal?

No, not at all. A blacksmith would have been a smart and industrious person.

How much was a blacksmith paid in 1812?

I think a blacksmith would have been paid in wood.

Did a medieval blacksmith get paid?

Yes, blacksmithing is a skilled job and they would be among the most valued workers in medieval times.

How did blacksmiths get there skill in colonial times?

They would almost always have to learn from another blacksmith. They would be an apprentice for 4-5 years in many cases.

Would a blacksmith have worked in Tudor times?

Yes the in the Tudors time they had Blacksmiths. If the ancient roman and Greeks did, so did the Medival English.

What would pickpockets wear in medieval times?

They would wear normal clothes otherwise they would be spotted.

What did a blacksmith do in colonial North Carolina?

A blacksmith in colonial North Carolina fabricated metal parts for equipment. He would also create shoes for riding and work horses. A blacksmith would also do repair work on equipment.

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