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They were interesting to ancient Romans because ancient Romans were cruel and mean

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Q: What entertainment did the gladiators give?
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Why were gladiators needed?

Gladiators were needed for Public Entertainment.

Why did gladiators fought?

Gladiators fought for peoples entertainment

When were Roman gladiators first used as entertainment?

Roman gladiators were used as entertainment in the year 264 B.C. The gladiators were used to kill each other and kill lions for the Roman peoples entertainment.

What was entertainment like during the Tang Dynasty?

It was gladiators and wars It was gladiators and wars It was gladiators and wars

What entertainment like during the tang dynasty?

It was gladiators and wars It was gladiators and wars It was gladiators and wars

What was the role of gladiators in ancient rome?

Gladiators fought eachother, or animals for the entertainment of the Roman people.

What was used colosseum for?

the colosseum was used for entertainment by Gladiators fighting Gladiators or Gladiators fighting animals........i think sorry im not 100% sure :(

Why did the ancient roman gladiators fight?

To be used for entertainment.

Why do you think that the gladiators were enslaved to fight for entertainment?

Beacause gladiators were slaves, they were slaves beacause they either commited a crime.

Did gladiators get piad?

Gladiators don't get PAID (not piad), they are really just slaves who die for the entertainment of the emperor and the public.

How long did the gladiators rule rome?

Gladiators never ruled Rome. They were professional fighters mainly used for entertainment purposes.

What did the Roman gladiators do for the Roman empire?

Fought for the entertainment of the populace of Rome.