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what systems of standardization did shi huangdi set up

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Q: What systems of standardization did Shi Huangdi set up?
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What systems of standardization did Qin Shi Huangdi set up?

what systems of standardization did shi huangdi set up

Why did Shi Huangdi build highways and set government standards?

To unify China.

Why might an archaeologist want to use caution upon excavating Shi Huangdi's tomb?

Legend states that vats of poison are set to overturn

Why do you think Shi Huangdi set up a uniform money system?

He did this because he was tired of people not accepting certain types of money Hope this helped!!

What is the best use for quality management systems?

The International Organization for Standardization is a set of standards that are related to quality management systems. Adopting such a system is beneficial to a company because it can improve how a company is run and will also help to attract clients to the business.

What best describes the function of standardization of the ekg machine?

standardization is important because it helps to determine whether the machine is set and working properly or not.

Is the International Organization for Standardization a regulatory agency?

- ISO [International Standardization Organization] is an independent regulatory agency - which means that they are an organization free from the branches of a certain government. They set standards that governments can use to help businesses and trades in creating standardized processes and systems in every market that helps make the industry competitively.

What was the main contribution of emperor Shi Huangdi to china?

- He reunified China and thereafter expanded Chinese boundary. - He reunified Chinese currency as well as measure systems(Before that every State has its own currency and measure system) and even set an official font for Chinese people. - His advisors made the Law of Qin Dynasty - The Construction of the Great Wall was completed during his reign A: He unified most of China under 1 government. Adoption of Confucianism

What is the name of the internal set of standards developed to allow a level of standardization for information technology?


What is the name of the tiger on moshi monsters?

the tiger is called Jeepers and he is in the Beast's set with Humphrey Bernie and Shi Shi

What is the process of standardization?

Standardization is the process of developing and implementing technical standards to ensure that products, services, and systems are consistent, reliable, safe, and interoperable. It involves establishing guidelines, specifications, and best practices that help streamline processes, improve quality, and promote compatibility across different industries and markets. Standardization is crucial for facilitating trade, innovation, and global communication.

Why ISO 9000 beginning with 9?

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has established a huge set of standards to assist in the normalization of many walks of different fields of life and science. These standards are divided into groups and numbered within the groups. ISO 9000 is dealing with "Quality management systems - Fundamentals and vocabulary", and ISO 9001 - "Quality management systems - Requirements".