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The ducking stool.

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Q: What was the device used for dipping medieval wives into the river for nagging?
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What did the Medieval lord drink?

the medieval lord drunk from the river or a lake if they had one.

Did John Quincy Adams or Harry Truman like to go skinny dipping in the Potomac River?


What president customarily went skinny dipping in the Potomac river in warm weather?

John Quincy Adams

How lions stay cool?

Lions stay cool by dipping their feet in a near by river or just some water.

Why was the Nile river important in medieval times?

The longest river in the world, The Nile, is over 4,100 miles long. In Medieval times, the Nile River played an important role in the lives and society of Ancient Egypt. The river provided food, transportation and also building materials.

What else is the river used for?

fishing, skinny dipping, doing ur business, getting drunk, looking awesome next to, swimming

How did the Niger River shape its surroundings in medieval times?

The Niger River helped shape the surrounding area in Medieval times because it offered a source of water for the area. People were able to grow crops near the river and had access to fresh water.

What were the Niger's River medieval times?

Please rephrase - the question is unclear.

How did medieval people get fresh water?

they used river water and wells

Where is the A Medieval Affair Historical Society Inc in Deer River Minnesota located?

The address of the A Medieval Affair Historical Society Inc is: 21272 State Hwy 6, Deer River, MN 56636-2601

What device was invented to dig out the bottom of a river?


What is a Watergate on a medieval castle?

a watergate on a medieval catle is a gate that opens too a river, lake or the sea. hoped this helped :D no it didnt dip-shat