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Franks, Goths, Visigoths, lombards and countless other germanic tribes

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Q: What were some of the names of the barbarian tribes that invaded the Roman empire?
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Where did the most of Invaders of the roman Empire Originate?

Germanic barbarian tribes

There were many reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire but the physical reason was the invasions by several barbarian tribes from the North What were the names of these tribes?

Angles, Jutes, and Saxons ( invaded Roman-held Great Britain) Vandals (conquered the area of Spain) Visigoths (invaded the Italian peninsula and sacked Rome) Franks ( conquered most of the area of France)

Who were the people that invaede rome?

Germanic tribes are the people who invaded the Western Roman Empire.

What was the barbarian invasion?

When the visigoths, goths, vandels, and the franks invaded the Roman empire in a one hundred year time period

What were the three tribes that invaded the roman empire between 410 and 476 CE?

germanic, huns and slavs were the three tribes

How did barbarians take the western empire?

Barbarian was a derogatory term for foreigners. More specifically, several Germanic peoples invaded the western part of the Roman Empire.

Which people invaded eastern roman empire?

Ottoman Turks and Germanic tribes , the program of crusade also helped the crumble of eastern roman empire.

When the roman empire fall?

Rome fell in 476A.D after being attacked alot by the barbarian tribes from britan, germany, and so on.

Who were barbarians in middle age?

The barbarians were the Germanic tribes and the Vikings. Some combined to create the Visigoths. The word "barbarian" is Greek for "the stranger." They invaded the Roman Empire making it fail and created the world we call the "middle or dark ages."

What different tribes of barbarians invaded the Roman Empire?

In the early days of the ancient Roman republic, a large army of Gauls around 387 BC BCE sacked Rome but were bribed to leave with many pounds of gold. Much later in Rome's history, peoples the Romans had conquered, became constant threats along the borders of the empire. The "barbarians" were Germanic tribes, Gaulists, Vandals, and Goths along with incursions by the Persians. Other barbarian tribes that invaded parts of the Roman empire included: A. Huns; B. Ostrogoths; C. Franks; and D. Saxons.

What tribe invaded the roman empire?

barbarians invaded the Roman Empire

The 3 tribes that invaded the Roman Empire between 410 and 476 C.E. was what?

Germanic, Huns and Slavs