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Q: Can you make the background for the command prompt an image?
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What does help on command prompt do?

Gets a women in the kitchen to make you diner

Where is run in comand prompt?

To open a command prompt via "Run" make sure you are the admin on your computer. Open the run box and in it type "cmd" and press enter. A black command prompt box should open up.

How do you make a directory in command prompt?

the procedure of making account though command prompt is net user, system name, password /add e.g net user pc 123 /add

How to use CSS in making the picture a background?

To make a picture a background of a web site using CSS, you will use the different background properties, which are: background-color, background-image, background-repeat, background-attachment, and background-position. The specific property you are looking for is background-image. To use this property you would declare in your style sheet the following: body { background-image: url('paper.jpg'); } This is telling the web browser to use the image paper.jpg and make it the background of the entire page. The other background properties control whether the backgound is repeated along the x and/or y axis, the position on the screen the image begins at, whether the background is fixed or scrolls with the page, and the background color.

How can you make Command Prompt Elevated from within itself?

Right click and do Run As.((SEE DISCUSSION, NOT THE RIGHT ANSWER))

How do you cut out an image background without it being replaced with a white background?

If you want it to be on a transparent background, open the image you want to be cut out, and make a new layer. Move the new layer behind the original image. Render the image and cut out all you do not want. Make sure you save the file as a PNG file or the transparency will not stay there.

How can you make a photo your background on Twitter?

Click on your profile pic>Settings>Design>Change Background image

Why does your Cisco IP Phone background image display as a black screen?

make sure from size and list size also remove all old background image ,it will work sure.

Your win xp user password has been changed by virus?

if you can boot to command prompt (Shift-F8 during boot process, and select Safe Mode with Command Prompt) you will be able to reset the password there. Once in command prompt type: net user (username) * (without typing the brackets around the username, and make sure you put the *) type the new password, confirm the new password reboot, and then login

How do you make the background for the ipod os4?

you can not change the background You can set a lock-screen or home-screen background by going to "Settings" then "Wallpaper" you can select an image from Apple's default selection or a picture you have put onto your device. After selection the image you want to use, tap the image. This will bring up a preview screen. Once you are happy with the background tap "Set" and you will be asked if you want to set the image as the lock screen background, home screen background or both.

How do you block a website using command prompt?

echo insertdomainnamehere>>C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts Make sure you run command prompt as an administrator and check that the hosts file (in this folder: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc) is not marked for read-only.

What would you do to make a startup disk using windows 98?

insert floppy drive and go to command prompt and run format /s a: