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The Day of the Dead in Uruguay is celebrated the 2nd of November and it's a costume of Uruguayans to visit their dead relatives in the local cementeries, usually bringing flowers to their tumbs.

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Q: Day of the dead traditions in Uruguay?
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What is the holiday that mixes Christian and Aztec traditions?

The answer is the day of the pretty sure....?

What are some traditions in guatemala?

they celebrate ester and the day of the dead

What are some traditions Chile has?

Day Of The Dead and cristmas!! <3<3

Christmas traditions in Uruguay?

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What three traditions mix in mexicos culture today?

Day of the Dead, Fiestas and mural painting

What does 'El Dia de los Muertos' have in common with Christmas?

Both are religious traditions. Day of the Dead honors the dead. It spans both the Catholic "All Souls' Day" and "All Saints' Day".

What are some customs and traditions of flan?

Flan Is Traditional In Puerto Rico. Also They Eat It On The Day Of The Dead.

What are some Uruguay holiday traditions?

Carnival (all February) and Christmas (Dec 25th).

Is Mother's Day celebrated in Uruguay?

Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in Uruguay.

What do people in Mexico celebrate instead of Halloween?

Day of the Dead (Spanish: Dia de Muertos) qualifies as such. It combines pre-Columbian traditions with the Roman Catholic's All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day (November 1 & 2).

Are there any traditions that are associated with inauguration day?

there are absolutly no traditions on this day=) -kendrish

Why is day of the dead more important in southern Mexico than in northern Mexico?

Because it is a mix of ancient Native American and Spanish traditions; northern Mexico was almost unpopulated and no traditions like this were known at the time, as it was inhabited by semi-nomadic groups without extensive cultural traditions. Before Spanish conquistadors conquered Mexico in the 16th century, a kind of Day of the Dead was celebrated by Aztec and Mayan societies, celebrating the children and the lives of people who had passed away. When Spain conquered Mexico in 1521, they merged their own All Souls Day with the already existing tradition, thus becoming Day of the Dead.