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Q: Why do you cut the wedding cake together?
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When to cut the wedding cake?

After the wedding meal.

How do you cut the wedding cake on the sims2 double deluxe?

Click onto the wedding cake and a 'cut cake' option will appear. Just click on this to get your newly married sim couple to cut the cake. After this, clicking on the cut cake will lead to more options - eat and clean up.

What is the meaning of cutting wedding cake?

It symbolizes the new life that the marries couple will have together and wishes them the best of health, luck, and times to come.

Why do bride and groom cut the cake together?

The 'cutting of the cake' is one of the most traditional parts of a wedding. It is supposed to symbolize the first task that a husband & wife do together.

What is the meaning of slicing of cake in the wedding?

The bride and groom both hold the knife together to make the first slice in the wedding cake. This symbolizes the beginning of their life together. The cake is sliced after the wedding ceremony at the wedding reception. The rest of the cake is sliced without any special significance as the easiest way to serve the cake to guests.

How does a wedding cake apply to math?

fractions for instance 1/4 is a fraction, this means you cut the cake into for slices

Why cut wedding cake?

During the Reception, about an hour before the end of the reception.

What do you mean by slicing a cake on a wedding?

* At the wedding reception after the meal is served and approximately one hour after, the wedding cake will be cut by the bride and groom. The bride holds the knife and the groom's hand goes over hers and they make a small slice to feed each other a piece of the wedding cake before serving to their guest. Sometimes the bride and groom will have a little fun and push the cake all over the outside of each others mouths. Then the caterers came and cut the cake and either the bride and groom can serve the wedding cake or the caterers will do it if requested before the reception.

Do godmothers cut the groom's cake at a Catholic wedding reception?

No, they do not. And the cake is the bride's and the groom's; it doesn't belong to the groom alone.

What is the difference between grooms cake and wedding cake?

The wedding cake is the cake eaten and presented at the ceremony / reception after the wedding has taken place. It is symbolically cut by the newly wed bride and groom, and then eaten. Tradtionally, the wedding cake is large (enough to feed all the guests at the wedding), and white or off-white in color. A groom's cake can be 2 things. It can be a smaller, more "fun" or "exciting" cake that is also eaten during the reception. Or, it can be a cake that is used at a party for the groom, like a bachelor party or something of the sort.

Who cuts the wedding cake?

Traditionally in Western weddings the bride and groom cut it together each with one hand on the knife. The bride and groom do not usually portion the cake - they simply make one symbolic piercing movement into the centre of the cake and then draw the knife down and through so that they make a single slice from centre to perimeter - a radial cut, not a diameter. If it is a catered affair then usually the top tier of the cake is real, but the lower tiers may be artificial. The catering staff will have already cut and portioned the lower section of the cake and plated it up in the kitchen so that it can be rushed out to the guests as soon as the cutting ceremony has been completed. In some traditions the top tier of the wedding cake is saved and is used as the christening cake when the first child is born.

Why should there be cake in a christian wedding?

Because, like myself, I dont believe In unity candles. I am a Christian and getting married in 10 months. And instead of lighting candles together, We will cut a cake together. I think it all depends on an individuals belief system, and what the venues will allow.