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Sure you can sell any metal as scrap. The more the better so throw it in with the rest unless you have lots then sell it apart

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Q: Can you sell ball bearings as scrap metal?
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Who mush do scrap steel cost per kg?

We want to sell scrap metal what is the cost for scrap metal per kg/

How old do you have to be to sell scrap metal?


Can you sell railroad tracks as scrap metal?

Yes, you can.

Is a transmission considered scrap metal?

Yes, a transmission is considered scrap metal! You can sell it to a scrap yard if you wish. They are usually made of some kind of aluminum.

Can you sell brass ammunition casing as scrap metal?

yes, itis a salvageable metal

What happens to scrap metal after its thrown away?

Nothing will happen to your scrap metal. It will be taken to a land fill. Do yourself some good, and take it to a scrap yard, sell it, make some money, and keep that scrap out of the landfills.

How much does scrap metal sell for?

Scrap Metal can be sold at your nearest scrap recycling center. To find your nearest scrap yard, go to google maps, find your town/city, and search for scrap metal recycling. Bring in your scrap metal ,and they will weight it and pay you accordingly...But make sure you clean it all up before hand for a better price. For more info, check out the How To in the related links.

How can you make money with Catalytic Converters?

Sell it to a scrap metal dealer.

Where can you find free scrap metal in Birmingham Alabama?

Checkout the scrap metal sell offers listed in the website in the related links. This website is the one which I use to buy and sell scrap metals. They have a vast database of sellers and buyers of all kinds of scrap materials from all over the world.

Is scrap metal bio degradable?

scrap metal is not biodegradable in the most common sense of the word. Scrap metal should be recycled at your nearest scrap yard. By scrapping copper aluminum and iron scrap metal, depending on the current prices, you could sell it for a hefty amount of money. currently copper is 3 dollars per pound.

Why is it good to recycle parts of a car?

You could sell the metal as scrap and get a little money out of it.

How much can you sell your 1997 blazer for?

Scrap metal price - $3500, depending on mileage and condition.