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Often an injury can cause inflammation to a knee and the body may respond by producing extra synovial due to the inflammation . Doctors often use a syringe and large bore needle to drain excess synovial fluid while providing whatever medical attention is necessary to help the joint heal. Corticosteroids can be injected at the same time to help relieve the inflammation. If X Rays or MRI indicate any fractures or ligamentous tears, these may require surgical repair.

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Q: What are the treatments for water on the knee?
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Will a change of diet aid my knee pain treatments?

A change in diet, especially a healtheir one, won't hurt your knee treatments but I doubt it will help. I would keep up with the knee treatments you've been advised to follow.

What is the aim of alternative treatments for knee pain?

Most alternative treatments for knee pain aim at reducing pain, inflammation, and stiffness.

What are some treatments for arthritis in the knee?

There are various treatments that are recommended for arthritis in the knee. Precautionary treatments involve avoiding activities that put added strain on the knee such as jogging whilst still exercising the knee regularly to maintain muscle strength. Pain relief can be achieved by placing an ice pack on the knee and steroids and anti inflammatory medications can be used to improve the condition of the joint. It is possible to have surgery to replace the knee joint if the arthritis is very severe.

What are some symptoms and treatments for runner's knee?

Symptoms of runner's knee are pain around the kneecap, swelling of the kneecap, and more pain when walking down hills or stairs. Pain when bending the knee is also a sure sign of runner's knee. Treatments include icing the knee along with resting the knee. Arch supports for your shoes are also recommended, such as orthotics.

What does it means when you have jolted pains in your knee?

Jolted knee pain is a very common problem. Usually the cause of this is arthritis, which there are many treatments for.

What are the less common runners knee treatments?

Inquire about the less common treatments for treating runners knee. Many doctors can assist you in determining which medications/physiotherapy would be beneficial in the long term for your problem. Always consult a physician.

What is a good source of information on knee pain with running?

There are lot of resources available online which have information on knee pain causes, treatments and how to manage knee pain in long term. There are websites like or which are good resources for information on knee pain with running.

What is runners knee and what can I do to treat it?

Runner's knee is known as patellofemoral pain syndrome, it is commonly found in runners and athletes that uses their knees a lot. Some treatments that can be used to ease the pain are, rest the knee, ice the knee, compress the knee, elevate the knee, or even at some extreme cases anti-inflammatory painkillers can be taken to ease the pain.

What is the expected outcome of knee pain?

Most causes of knee pain respond well to conservative treatments and resolve within 4-6 weeks. Knee pain caused by injury or disease may require surgery and lengthy rehabilitation.

What are some home treatments for joint pain of the knee?

Try some sort of lotion or rub that produces heat.

Is there a permanent cure for water on the knee?

There is no permanent cure for water on the knee. There are temporary cures that last for a while though.

What are the recommended treatments for osteoarthritis in the knee?

The treatment of knee osteoarthritis is very painful and difficult. Many medical sites will give you the treatment and ways to reduce pain. You can also visit your primary doctor or ER room.