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Best for you is to use a gear that'll allow you to turn the cranks at 80-100 turns/minute. Best for the bike (if you have external gears) is to keep the chain running as straight as possible.( Don't run it in big-big or small/small)

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You need to shift gears on a bike when going up a hill because if you have a gear too high, it will become harder and you will eventually become tired. On a lower gear will help you because it will be easier.

  • Tip: If you see a hill start peddling really fast to get a head start so it will not be that hard!
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From the human standpoint you want to use the gears in a way that lets you turn the crank at about 80-100 turns/minute.

If the going gets so heavy that you can't keep that pace, go down a gear.

If the going gets so easy that you go above that pace, go up a gear.

From the bike's standpoint it depends on what gear levers you've got and what your drive train looks like.

If you have 3 gears in front and more at the back you should try avoiding cross-chaining - that is, running the chain on the big sprocket in the front AND the big sprocket at the rear. Small-small is equally bad.

If you have 2 at the front cross-chaining becomes less of an issue, but not entirely unimportant.

When it comes down to the actual handling it's up to what brand of shifters you've got. For 3x6 it might even be friction shifters(small levers stuck either on the frame on the bar)twist them one way to get the chain to a bigger sprocket and the other to get it to drop to a smaller one.

It can also be integrated shifter and brake combos. you flick a lever behind the brake lever to get it to change gears. There might either be a smallish knob to drop a gear, or you do that by flicking the switch the other way.

Gears will go in easier if you don't push that hard on the pedals while shifting.

If you have an internally geared hub you will need to stop pedalling entirely for a moment to allow the new gear to go in.

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Because humans, like engines, have a span where they work best.

Gears lets you trade power for speed , or the other way around. This means you can keep pushing the pedals with the same, comfortable amount of effort and still get strength enough to climb the hill.

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Q: What gears should you use on a bike going uphill and downhill?
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