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Q: What is Guinness record for time riding a stationary bicycle?
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Are points for riding a bicycle the same as when riding a stationary bicycle?

That's all down to how hard you're riding. Most people will use more effort when riding IRL than riding stationary bikes.

What type of gym equipment is used to simulate riding a bicycle?

Typically, a stationary exercise bike is used to simulate riding a bicycle. The stationary bike has pedals, and a seat - with many newer models having resistance settings which allow for a more intense workout.

How does the stress test work?

The patient begins riding a stationary bicycle or walking on a treadmill. Gradually the intensity of the exercise is increased.

Is using stationary bicycle good exercise for 50 yr old woman?

Bicycle riding- even on a stationary bicycle - will offer a good, low impact cardio workout. As long as the boredom doesn't kill you, and as long it does get you decently sweaty and winded, it will be a good exercise. Or at least better than not doing it.

1907 world record holder c c crossman what even was he a record holder?

C.C. Crossman was a world record holder in long distance bicycle riding in 1907. He set the record by cycling over 1,140 miles in 48 hours. His achievement was considered a remarkable feat in the sport of cycling at that time.

What sort of bicycle was John Howard riding?

When John Howard set the world bicycle motor pacing speed record of 152.2 mph in 1985 at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, he was riding a custom-built bicycle and following a specially-modified pace vehicle.

Is a a boy riding a bicycle a learned behavior?

Yes, because you don't inherit the skill of riding a bicycle.

if you where on a brig what kind of vehicle will you be riding?

you will be riding a bicycle

When a bicycle is rusting?

I am not riding

If you were racing in a velodrome would you be riding on a horse or a bicycle?

A bicycle

Did Einstein conceive theory of relativity while riding a bicycle?

The general consensus is yes, Albert Einstein conceived of his theory of relativity while riding his bicycle. It is said that: "while riding his bicycle at night Einstein observed that [the] beam cast from his headlamp always traveled at the same speed whether he was cruising at a quick speed or coasting to stop." Thus the theory - light from a moving source has the same velocity as light from a stationary source. Unfortunately, this information is merely a "tale." It has not been historically proven.

What energy is riding on a bicycle?