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Bikes with external gears are available in two different rear wheel designs. One is called a freewheel, in which the sprocket cluster together with the one-way clutch that makes coasting possblke is treated as one unit. The other is the freehub design, where the one-way clutch and the sprocket cluster are treated as separate units. With a freewheel you replace the chutch bit too when the sprockets gets worn, with a freehub you only replace the sprockets.

Freehubs also have the bearings further apart which makes them less prone to bending/breaking the axle.

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Q: What is a freewheel gear design on rear bicycle wheel?
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How do you get mongoose rebel back gear off?

Depends on if it's a freewheel or a freehub design. For a freewheel you need the appropriate freewheel puller. For a freehub you need a splined lockring tool.

Is a bicycle a wheel in axle or a gear?

A bicycle is both.

Can you put an 18 gear back wheel on a 21 gear bike?

It is possible to put a 6 speed back wheel on a 21 gear bicycle but you will never be able to use more than the 6 gear allowed by that cassette sprocket.The best way to take advantage of the 21 gear bicycle is to change that 6 speed cassette sprocket and replace it by a 7 speed cassette sprocket. This way you will keep that back wheel and also be able to use all 21 gears of your bike.

What is a gear chain on a bicycle?

Put simply... it's a circle of links that connects the drive gear (attached to the pedals) to the speed gear(s) - attached to the rear wheel. Rotating the drive gear (using the pedals) transfers the movement to the gear cogs on the rear wheel - which propels the bicycle forwards.

What is the Speed Ratio of a bicycle?

The speed ratio of a bicycle is the (gear ratio* radius of the wheel)/ Length of the pedal arm.

Why does the rear wheel of a bicycle turn faster than the pedals?

because of the gear ratio and the chain

How do you remove the rear gear of mongoose rebel 20 bike?

I'm assuming you're asking about how to remove the freewheel, as the Mongoose Rebel 20 is a single-gear BMX. In that case you need the correct freewheel puller to get the freewheel off. Check out for more info.

Will a 13tooth freewheel work with a 25 tooth sprocket?

It will work but your pedaling will be really smooth... basically it will be easy to pedal.... but you also wont get anywhere fast though plus it will look weird here are the specks for gear to gear ratioSPROCKETFREEWHEEL & CASSETTE COG orCASSETTE HUB228 cassette hub238 cassette hub259 cassette hub2810 cassette hub3011 cassette hub3312 freewheel/cog3613 freewheel/cog3914 freewheel/cog4115 freewheel4416 freewheel

How do the number of gear teeth affect the wheel on a bicycle?

The more teeth you have on the chainring(by the pedals) when compared to the sprocket(on the rear wheel, the more the rear wheel will turn for each turn of the cranks.

Will a 9 tooth freewheel work with a 22 tooth sprocket?

they don't make a 9 tooth freewheel they make a 9 tooth cassette and its better to get a 8 tooth as you can see heres a gear ratio for you to look atPopular Gear CombosSprocketF/W or Cassette2282382592810301133123613391441154416

Putting a new chain on a mountain bike where is first gear?

First gear on a bicycle with external/derailer gears is with the chain on the smallest chainwheel(by the pedals) and the biggest sprocket(by the rear wheel).

What size freewheel do you need for a 23 tooth sprocket?

you don't use a freewheel for a 23 tooth sprocket you need a cassette hub heres gear ratios for yaSprocketF/W or Cassette2282382592810301133123613391441154416