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The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom must simply be an elected Member of Parliament. Part of the qualifications required for election is that the candidate must be either a British citizen or a citizen of the Republic of Ireland or of a Commonwealth country.

So a British Prime Minister doesn't necessarily have to be British.

See links below for further information on the election of MPs and the appointment of the Prime Minister.

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Like many issues in the British Constitution, this one is left to convention. Ever since the early 20th century it has become convention for the prime minister of Her Majesty's Government to be drawn from the House of Commons, and therefore, to have a direct mandate from the people. That being said, if there was a situation in which the person who can command the confidence of the House was a member of the House if Lords, then the role of Prime Minster can fall to Peer.

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Q: Does the British Prime Minister have to be British?
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