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You have to go to Europe because here in America the average braces cost $5000, but in Europe you can get braces for $250!

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Q: Where do you get the cheapest braces?
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Where can you find American girl braces the cheapest?

ebay amazon

Which website sells the cheapest wrist braces?

The lowest price wrist braces can be found at They vary in price according to size you need.

What are the cheapest braces?

In Akron, Ohio They cost $1,200 if you have Medicaid , or health insurance . Hope this helps.

How much does it cost to get braces?

Your provider will probably have to get prior approval for the braces from the Medicaid agency. Once that happens, the braces should cost you little or nothing. (Of course, this answer will be different if you have a spend-down.)

Where can cheap orthodontics be found?

Orthodontics is never a cheap proposition. Traditional metal braces are still the cheapest alternative. To find the cheapest orthodontist, one would need to price shop and get quotes.

What are the best ankle braces for basketball?

ASO ankle braces and the cheapest price I found on the internet is at They sell them for $32.50 each!!

How much are lingual braces also known as ''hidden braces?

Lingual braces are placed on the back side of your teeth. So, they are called as hidden braces. From:

How do you hide braces?

You can get invisible braces or white elastics might work. But other than invisible braces you CAN'T hide braces.

What do they call braces in England?


Do ray ray have braces?

No, he does not have braces.

How do you get braces on toontown?

Braces?, you cant.

Can a flipper be worn with braces. I know someone who is missing a front tooth and now he has to get braces. Can his flipper be worn with the braces or what will they do?

ya! a flipper can be worn with braces! i was in the same situation and got braces yesterday!