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"Sovereign Bank originated in Spain, however it's now got main headquarters in Wyomissing Pennsylvania. It has branches all over the north east and serves them."

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Q: What countries does Sovereign bank have branches in?
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What is the routing number for Sovereign Bank in Worcester Mass on Park Ave?

011075150. This is the routing number for Sovereign Bank in general; bank branches don't usually have their own routing number.

Where is Sovereign Bank located in United States?

Originally from the Northwest, Sovereign Bank has branches on the street across the USA. The headquarters are in Wyomissing, Delaware. It has been owned by Santander Group since 2006.

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What is Sovereign Bank's population?

The population of Sovereign Bank is 2,011.

When was Sovereign Bank created?

Sovereign Bank was created in 1902.

What is the symbol for sovereign bank?

Sovereign Bank was bought out by Banco Santander.

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What is the bic code for sovereign bank wyomissing?

What is the BIC code for the sovereign bank (USA)

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