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Italy play in blue (flag is green, white and red) Germany play in white (flag is black, red and yellow) Northern Ireland play in green (flag in white and red)

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Q: What countries have no red white and blue in there flags?
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What countries have red and blue flags and play soccer?


What color is in most flags?

They are red, white or blue.

What are chiles flags colors?

red, white, and blue

In surf life saving what does a white and blue flag mean?

Before the yellow and red flags were introduced the flags used to be white and blue. Scuba diving flags are also blue and white. Red and white is a shark flag. I have been on patrol for over 10 years, we have never used a blue and white flag.

What color is the United States flags?

Red white & Blue

What 3 countries have flags that are exactly half red and half white?

Indonesia, Monaco, and Malta all have flags that are exactly half red and white.

What is the three colors of the France flags?

the three colors of the flag of France are blue,white and red

How many US states have red white and blue flags?

12 US states have flags that predominantly feature the colors red, white, and blue. They are : Arkansas - white diamond on blue diamond on red rectangle Colorado - red C on blue and white stripes Georgia - blue field on red and white stripes Hawaii - UK union jack with red, white, and blue stripes Iowa - white field between vertical red and blue stripes Mississippi - Confederate field on blue white and red stripes Missouri - state seal on red, white, and blue stripes North Carolina - blue field on red and white stripes Ohio - pennant with blue field, red and white stripes Tennessee - blue right edge, white stars on blue circle on red Texas - Lone Star flag with white star on blue field, white and red stripes (inverse of NC) Wyoming - white buffalo on blue, on white, on red *In contrast, there are 24 state flags that are predominantly blue or dark blue with little red.

What similar things that are in Melbourne that are also to the US?

They both speak english,There countries both start with A and both there flags have blue and red and white.

What flags name is blue white red?

The Union Flag commonly known as the Union Jack is the blue, white and red flag of the UK.

How is England simliar to the US?

both their flags are red,white,and blue

What flags are red white and blue horizontal lines?

Sierra Leone