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Q: What country's flag is known as Tricolor?
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Can you give a sentence example of the word tricolor?

The French flag is sometimes known as the tricolor.

Why is the french flag called Drapeau tricolore?

Drapeau tricolore translates into tricolor flag. The French flag is a tricolor flag of three vertical bands of red, white, and blue.

What is the nickname of the France Flag?

The Tricolor

Where was tricolour adopted as national flag?

France has the tricolor flag.

Why is the French flag called the French tricolor?

The French flag is called the French tricolor because it consists of three vertical bands of equal width in colors blue, white, and red. The term "tricolor" refers to the use of three colors in the flag design.

How many stripes does a tricolor flag have?

A tricolor flag has three colors. Some tricolor flags have three stripes (e.g. the flags of France and Italy). Technically, the U.S. flag is a tricolor, as it has three colors, even though it has stars and many more than three stripes. Please see the related link for more details about tricolors.

Is Italy's flag a tricolour horizontal flag?

Italy's flag is a tricolor (green, white and red) Vertical flag

How would you use the word tricolor in a sentence?

The French flag, with a red, a white and a blue stripe, is sometimes called the 'tricolor'.

What colour is the flag of india?

Tricolor, orange, White, Green

How did the Neopolitan ice cream get its name?

Napoleon tricolor flag

Which congress session adopt tricolor AS NATIONAL flag?


What is a three colored flag that begins with tri called?

A three colored flag is called a tricolor Isar