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Q: What country is handa's surprise set?
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What is the languagedo the people in England country?

Surprise, surprise - its English.

What country surprise attacked pearl harbor?

The Japanese.

What is the leading country in obesity?

America. To nobody's surprise.

Which country launched a surprise attack on the United States?


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Saguaro country in surprise at dysart

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Surprise, it was and still is country.

What country is the book of Tashi set in?

It's not set in a real country; the country is mythical.

What is a surprise that is not a surprise?

A surprise that is supposed to be a surprise but isn't a surprise is a spoiled surprise.

What part of speech is gee whiz?

"Gee whiz" is an interjection. It is used to express surprise or amazement.

In h2o what is the country where the set is?

it is set in australia

What country Japan take over?

Japan started with a surprise-attack and bombed Hong Kong ( i live there ): )

What country was saving Francesca set in?

It was set in Australia.