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Like most plant life, herbs need water, soil, air and sunlight to live.

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Q: What do herbs need to live?
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Make soap out of herbs?

You need more than herbs, but you can put them in soap

How much light do herbs need for photosynthesis and growth to occur?

Herbs generally require 6-8 hours of sunlight per day to thrive. This amount of light enables them to carry out photosynthesis effectively, leading to healthy growth and development. Insufficient light may result in stunted growth and adversely impact the plant's overall health.

What are plants that live under trees?

Shrubs and herbs live under trees

How do you train herblore?

You will need vial of water and herbs. Sorry, but I don't know the beginner herbs.

What do Wiccans need to know about herbs?

Not all Wiccans work with plants or herbs, however... IF they are working with herbs for healing, they need to know medical properties, constituents, toxicity, appropriate dosages, counter-indicatives, and interactions. IF they are working with herbs Magically, they need to know gender, planetary associations, magical properties, substitutions and cautionaries. IF they grow herbs in their garden, they need to know, zone, propagation, light & water requirements, harvesting, drying and storing. Not to mention companion plants, general gardening information and cautionaries. If they use herbs for culinary purposes, they need to know, scent, taste, combinations, and general cooking techniques. This is just a start of SOME of the things one needs to know IF they are working with herbs. Not all practitioners do work with herbs and/orplants, for them, all they need to know is what anyone needs to know. Can I eat it, does it smell nice, is it pretty or is it useful.

How much light sunlight do herbs need for photosynthesis and growth to occur?

50 % sunlight is needed by herbs to carry out photosynthesis

What kind of tree can live for a hundred years?

the trees like herbs and creepers

Are herbs producers?

Sorry, you need to have more, i cannot tell what you are asking!

Why do you need the Himalayas?

they are important as they provide many medicinal herbs and hydroelectricity

What herbs should you avoid while pregnant?

== == You need to research any herbs thoroughly while pregnant, their are many that need to be avoided in pregnancy. I have heard Beetroot and Hummus. Also don't overdo Vitamin A or C.

Can a underactive thyroid be fixed with herbs?

No. You need to take prescription thyroid hormone.

What are some plants that live in Africa's grasslands?

well there is mostly grass wild flowers and herbs