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Q: What to do if puppy got into a fire ant pile?
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How has the puppy been killed?

the puppy got killed by a dragonfly that breathed fire on the puppy and the puppy died

What should you put on after you got stung by red fire ant?

it will hurt

If all the ants in the world got together how big would the ant pile be?

It is impossible to accurately estimate the size of the ant pile because the number of ants in the world is constantly changing due to factors like births, deaths, and migration. However, it is estimated that the total biomass of all ants on Earth is roughly equal to the total biomass of all humans.

Are blood blisters normal for a fire ant bite on a 1 yr old child?

I don't know if it is "normal". I only know that I too, got a blood blister from a fire ant bite. But I am 56 & take several medications for heart trouble.

Does an ant got feelers?

yes a ant has feelers witch are called Antena's.

Do ant bites cause itching and irritation?

Yes they can,it's usually a white pimple with a little redness. It could also be just a white bump with redness. I have actually got bitten by a black ant and now it's just a white bump with redness around it. The good thing about getting bitten by a black ant is that their bites/ stings don't hurt as much as the red ant or fire ants bites/ stings.

Is 19 too young to get a puppy?

19? No way! I got my puppy when I was 9! :)

What are the adaptation of fire ants?

Fire ants are a very aggressive type of ant, which is not afraid of people and is known to bite them. They are called fire ants because they are red-brown in color and because their bites cause burning sensations.

How did avicenna die?

he got killed by a ant

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well i would wait to get a puppy, so you can have a puppy and a hoarse

Is a honey ant the only ant with a clear abdomen?

Yes, the honey ant has a jello like substance protecting the abdomen. Other ants don't have this and that is how the honey ant got its name.

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